IT Management

Come on Board

  • Why do I need H-Wire to set up my WiFi? What’s wrong with the router I bought on Amazon?

    While many routers these days have built-in Wi-Fi for plug-and-play functionality, the speed, range, and capacity of consumer-grade routers often fail to meet business needs.

  • Why do I need a professionally designed network?

    Security, reliability, and capacity. H-Wire can help you build a network that protects your data and handles the load your customers and employees put on it. Too often, DIY networks are susceptible to hackers, overload, or reoccurring failures. Our goal is to help you never have to worry about technology – saving your time and energy for running your business.


24/7 Support

Always Here

  • Is it really 24/7? What if I’m working late and my computer stops working at 2am?

    We mean it when we say we are always on call. No matter when something goes wrong, we’ll be working to get you up and running as soon as possible.

  • How fast does H-Wire normally solve problems? What if I have an urgent issue?

    We typically respond to non-urgent support requests within 15 minutes and have them resolved in under an hour. Every client has one (or more) dedicated technicians. Even better, we are constantly re-evaluating and developing solutions to minimize the number of problems you experience. 



Why H-Wire

  • I already outsource my IT services to another company. Why would I switch to H-Wire?

    At H-Wire, we pride ourselves on not only providing prompt, exceptional customer service, but doing so at an affordable price. Our philosophy is based on mutual benefit and trust. 

  • What if I already have a full-time IT manager?

    Even if you already have someone managing the technology in your organization, H-Wire can help provide supplementary support during expansion, turnover, busy seasons, or even when your IT staff is on vacation. We also have the power of numbers – for unusual or highly-complex issues, our team of technicians collaborate to find a solution. 

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