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Come on Board

  • Why do I need H-Wire to set up my WiFi? What’s wrong with the router I bought on Amazon?

    While many routers these days have built-in Wi-Fi for plug-and-play functionality, the speed, range, and capacity of consumer-grade routers often fail to meet business needs.

  • Why do I need a professionally designed network?

    Security, reliability, and capacity. H-Wire can help you build a network that protects your data and handles the load your customers and employees put on it. Too often, DIY networks are susceptible to hackers, overload, or reoccurring failures. Our goal is to help you never have to worry about technology – saving your time and energy for running your organization.

  • Our school has a 1:1 student to device ratio. That means there will always be some level of WiFi issues, right?

    Wrong! There is never an excuse for poor WiFi performance. Under-performing WiFi can always be traced to the wrong hardware or a deficient network design. H-Wire has extensive experience implementing WiFi networks optimized for high-density, even in difficult environments. We'll prove it - let us put our equipment and design in your building at our cost and put it to the test. If it doesn't blow your socks off, we'll take it out and put everything back the way it was (spoiler: you're going to want to keep it). 



Why H-Wire

  • I already outsource my IT services to another company. Why would I switch to H-Wire?

    Many other companies take a "Call us when it's broken and we'll fix it" approach. At H-Wire, we're more about long-term solutions that prevent problems in the first place. We strive to provide recurring advisory to our clients to help them avoid foreseeable issues down the road. We also pride ourselves on not only providing prompt, exceptional customer service, but doing so at an affordable price. 

  • What if I already have a full-time IT employee?

    Even if you already have someone managing the technology in your organization, H-Wire can help provide supplementary support during expansion, turnover, busy seasons, or even when your IT staff is on vacation. We also have the experience and expertise from frequently setting up and improving network infrastructure, allowing us to provide your employee with a go-to resource for when they encounter a problem they don't know how to solve.

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