Network Design & Maintenance

AKA Behind-the-Scenes Magic

your full-service IT partner

Outstanding it.

Behind-the-scenes magic. At your command.


We'll monitor your system remotely 24/7. This allows us to catch and resolve many issues before you are even aware of them.  We'll help mitigate malware, viruses and distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.


Whether on devices, servers or in the cloud, your data requires enhanced reliability and streamlined administration. Your time-sensitive backups and data will be optimized with industry best practices.


We plan, design and implement organizational standards into your infrastructure. With proper toolsets and processes, you can optimize and expand as needed.

Streamlined Setup

With mission critical processing in mind, we provide hardware that is intelligent, sustainable, and offers lighting speed connectivity to everywhere in your organization.


We can help reduce server costs by consolidating and/or virtualizing your current setup.

Our Solutions

Have it your way

Our team will customize the perfect network for you

Network Design

Your network connects people, supports applications and makes all the services you offer available at the touch of a button. Let us plan, design, and implement the best network for your organization.

Consulting & Custom IT

Every building has physical nuances, each business has unique needs. H-Wire is positioned to handle any configuration or any set up.

Data/Voice Wiring

Let us design and manage your network! We can also lay wiring for security cameras, PA systems, projectors, phones, and more.